Why can I select only 3 countries (Italy, Hungary and Austria)
in the subscription form?

The LANDSUPPORT project was born in 2018 with partners spread across 8 European countries contributing with their knowledge and strengths to the mission of the project. In this phase, we have the capacity to spread the campaign and give our support in three countries, but the consortium is planning to expand in the coming months and years. If you are from a country that is not listed in the form, you can select “Other country” and download the open letter in English.

Why an open letter and not a petition?

The open letter is our answer to the abundance (and sometimes overuse) of online petitions and appeals on social networks which in many cases do not have adequate follow up. Often, the open letter is used to report malfunctions and local issues but it can also be sent to make official requests for intervention, especially on crucial issues like land management and climate mitigation. Usually, the authorities prefer this way to open a constructive dialogue with their citizens.

To whom should I address the open letter?

The mayor is the institutional figure who represents his/her own community, looks after its interests and proposes its development. He/she is the first recipient of our letter, which you can also address to the various offices that deal with the environment, landscape, agriculture and land management in general. The letter could be addressed also to all active “users” of the land resource, for example farmers, spatial planners and land managers.

Should I print it?

This campaign is environmentally friendly, but we realize that not all public authorities have an efficient certified email management system and not all citizens have the possibility to sign a document with a digital signature. We advise you to print only what is strictly necessary (in this case the open letter) in order to be able to sign it and have it signed by other citizens. Then you can register the document in person at the headquarters of your municipality. This will give you the confidence that the recipient will receive our appeal.

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