We are 4 Universities, 8 Research Centres, 4 Public Authorities, 4 small and medium-sized enterprise, students, experts in the fields of agriculture, environment, forestry, spatial planning and policy making.

But first of all we are European citizens, men and women who want to take concrete steps to move us towards a cleaner environment and climate change mitigation. We see more heartbreaking evidence of the damage being done to our planet and are aware that we have too little time left to save the living land. But we also see the solution in front of us.

After having worked for several years in close collaborations with experts in databases, modelling and decision support systems, we have created an innovative, web-based, open-access platform aimed at supporting decision making for agriculture, forestry, environmental sustainability and land use policies.

This platform is online and completely free thanks to the LANDSUPPORT project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

With the right tools and knowledge, the policy makers and public authorities could make the difference in current practices, in order to support sustainable management of land resources and sustainable agriculture and forestry. Each of us can be a driver of change at the local level, becoming a “land supporter” and lobbying for local administrators to rapidly adopt policies and practices to protect and restore life on land.

Together we can make the difference.

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